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In collaboration with Odaka Yoga we have already organized yoga retreats where you can travel, relax and immerse yourself in another dimension.

Odaka is inspired by the natural rythms of the ocean, a continuous flow of grace and power.

Liquify your soul, be gentle, be authentic, discover your real you. Immerse yourself in peace and surround yourself with positive energy and spread your energy to be grateful. This is Yoga. This is what yoga retreats can give you, especially combining the sensation to be in front of the ocean with the observation of new positions in a different space around you! 

We organize retreats in Italy and overseas, where you can make friends  to enjoy the relaxed and slow paced atmosphere with nice people.

Last one we were in Puglia, in the south of Italy, I invite you to check some photos in the slider above and the video at the end of this page.

Regarding Yoga retreat, I invite you to check this link for a beautiful experience!: