Join Our Cooking Course

Join Our Cooking Course

Where to find a combination of Italian food, cooking lessons, all in the centre of Rome? Here!

Join us for a local experience. Italian are famous for food and cooking. We are happy to share our knowledge with you having fun, with a glass of wine and in the centre of Rome.

Here what we offer:
- Opportunity to have a private chef
- Have fun with other people
- learn how to cook homemade Pasta, working on the dough.
-Practical and theoretical lessons
- Go home with a traditional recipe that you can pass to your family as we do here in Italy that we pass recipes from grandmother to grandchildren.

In conjunction with our partners you will make pasta, Ravioli, Fettuccine, or pizza depending on your preferences. 

You will also enjoy making Polpette with the original Nonna’s recipe! 

Choose between the different type of lessons:


1) Pasta, Polpette with Nonna's recipe





Pasta is the basis of Italian gastronomic culture and, in this Cooking Class, we will learn some tricks and secrets, of the most loved dish by the Italians. We will talk in detail of fresh stuffed pasta: how to prepare the perfect dough and the best stuffing, using the ingredients that each season offers us.

With a local Italian chef and your guide, learn how to make pasta by your hands, you will do a special pasta Ravioli! You will also enjoy making Polpette with the original Nonna’s recipe! During this 3.30-hour workshop you will be able to make Pasta Ravioli, delicious meatballs in Pizzaiola style and then you can relax drink Prosecco, Wine with typical finger food selection.

After the learning and the cooking, with all ingredients and equipment provided, comes time to eating! Cooking class and Dinner takes place in a comfortable beautiful apartment in the heart of Rome near Vatican.


 2) Roman 3 courses dishes 


With an apron and chef’s hat you are ready to work! Discover the secrets for making favorite Italian dishes like pasta carbonarabeef rolls with prosciutto (italian Saltimbocca) and dessert tiramisu. Then enjoy this dishes for dinner!

Under the guidance of a knowledgeable chef, learn how to make a 3-course Italian dinner. A memorable experience you’ll share with other participants as you sip wine and hear about the secrets of Roman cuisine. Feel free to ask questions as you prepare and make a menu of pasta carbonara, beef rolls in Romana style and tiramisu. Toast your evening with a glass of prosecco as an aperitif, and enjoy wine, water and coffee with your meal.


3) Homemade pasta fettuccine in the heart of Rome 


Learn how to make the dough with the original recipe of Italian homemade pasta, from flour to cut discover all the secrets, after you can enjoy Roman menu for lunch or dinner and wine in the heart of Rome.

You have a unique opportunity to learn how to make a traditional recipe of homemade pasta. Share your dining experience with other participants while relaxing, sipping wine and tasting pasta dishes.
You have the possibility to ask the chef questions about the Italian kitchen. Take home a secret about how dough is made and you can tell and relive it with relatives and friends.
Spend a pleasant evening, different from any other, characterized by a homemade atmosphere. Today, the tradition continues to be passed down from grandmothers to young grandchildren, who, having fun together, bring to the table a good plate of pasta made by hand. Our tour offers you the chance to learn this traditional recipe, by providing you the experience and joy of our chef who will give you the desire to cook at home!


4) Pizza


Make your way to a restaurant, located in central Rome, to meet your small group of fellow aspiring pizza chefs and local guide. You’ll spend the next 1.5 hours learning how to make pizza from fresh ingredients. You can choose which style you’d like to learn. After you’ve prepared and baked your pizzas, sit down to sample the fruits of your labor, accompanied by a drink. Then walk off the calories with a stroll around central Rome.