To visit Venice in one day: must-see and must-do

Venice is one of the most romantic cities in Italy: With this one-day itinerary, I will reveal to you all the must-see and must-do of the city.

To visit Venice in one day: must-see and must-do

Venice is one of the most romantic cities in Italy: its canals and alleys, the gondolas and the blossoming terraces opening onto water, all these features make it a very wanted touristic destination.


If you have only one day and you still want to visit all the highlights and discover the activities to do in Venice, this article is written for you!


With this one-day itinerary, I will reveal to you all the must-see and must-do of the city.


Here you are a list of advices.


A tour with a gondola


One of the first things to do is a tour with a gondola, the typical local boat.


Indeed, this is a very touristic activity, but it cannot be missed and it is worth the price, as it gives you the opportunity to admire the city from a totally different perspective.


Thanks to this tour, you will also be able to navigate canals otherwise not accessible by foot.


You can choose to start from any point of Venice, as you will find the gondoliers awaiting for you almost everywhere.


The best start is next to Rialto Bridge, as it is one of the city’s viewport.


Many tourists choose to take a gondola from San Marco square – another scenic location – but be aware that from here you will navigate a section of open sea, which means way more waves, so watch out in case you suffer from seasickness.


Visit Rialto Bridge


This bridge is among the most famous ones in Venice, and also the oldest one.


Here, you can have a walk among the shops, and being it one of the four bridges crossing the Canal Grande (the Big Canal), you can enjoy the amazing view.


If you are looking for souvenirs, don’t buy them there: due to the very touristic and high prices, this is not the best place.


Rialto bridge is always very crowded, but it is worth a visit to admire the view on the canal.


Rialto Market


If you like the local markets – which are a relevant part of the culture and tradition of the city – you cannot miss the well-known one of Rialto.


Located along the Rialto Canal, this is the most ancient market in Venice.


Walking among the fresh products’ stalls, it will be difficult to resist to buy some fresh fruit as a snack.


Just next to it, you will find the fish market, in neo-gothic design from the XIX century, built as a temple.


In the sourroundings, the most ancient church in Venice is located, San Giacomo di Rialto from the V century. Definitely a must-see!


San Marco Square


The most visited spot in Venice? Of course, San Marco Square!


The main square of the city, rich in history and significative buildings, such as San Marco church, the Clock Tower and the Ducal Palace.


Each corner of the square is to be admired, to enjoy its unique flare and artistic beauty.


If you have only one day available, I suggest to avoid museums – a visit of the Ducal Palace from the outside will suffice – as it could be pretty time-consuming.


You’d rather want to have a walk through the city alleys to see as much as possible.


Ponte dei Sospiri (The Sighing Bridge)


The Sighing Bridge is another very famous bridges in Venice.


Its peculiar architecture and the position (it is placed higher compared to other bridges) catch tourists’ attention.


Many don’t know the real meaning of its name, and attribute to it a romantic connotation.


Actually, the bridge connects the prison to the interrogation rooms of the Ducal Palace and the legend says that prisoners where sighing at the view of the beautiful Venice’s dock for the last time, walking to their cells.


Even though the name’s meaning is less romantic of the common though, this is still one of the most beautiful spots in the city.


Basilica Santa Maria della Salute


With a bit of patience and walking, you will reach a very charming place at sunset, just in front of Santa Maria della Salute Basilica.


Many art students sit here to drawn the church, a perfect example of venetian baroque.


You can even visit it from the inside, to really appreciate the artistic and historical details.


In the end, either if you know Venice as “La Serenissima” (the Serene Highness), the water city, the masques’ city, the bridges’ city, the canals’ city, the floating city or the drowning city, it will for sure be one of the most unforgettable cities you will visit.