10 places to visit in Florence: art, food and tradition

Florence is the heart of Tuscany and of Renaissance too. Here you have a list of 10 places to visit.

10 places to visit in Florence: art, food and tradition

Florence is the heart of Tuscany and of Renaissance too.


Full of history, great food and world-known art, it gives you an energy that is relaxing and empowering at the same time.


Many famous people were born or have lived here: the poet Dante Alighieri, the artist and sculptor Michelangelo, the writer and politician Niccolò Machiavelli and the scientist and astronomer Galileo Galilei.


There are many things to see and do, through several itineraries, so let’s discover together the most interesting spots.


Here you have a list of 10 places to visit in Florence.

Galleria degli Uffizi


If you are an art lover, you must visit Uffizi Gallery, one of the most visited art museums in Florence and in the world.


This is not a simple advice, but a true must-see if you are interested in arts.


Located next to Duomo Square, the museum collection donated by the Medici family includes globally known masterpieces.


Among the most relevant artists, you will find Michelangelo, Raffaello and Rembrant.


There are several halls with paintings, statues and sculptures in this building from the XVI century, but two in particular will be a real emotion: the ones hosting the works from Sandro Botticelli and Leonardo da Vinci.


The museum galleries are disposed in chronological order, and present various items, from ancient Greek sculpture to Venetian paintings from XVIII century.


There is also a roof garden and a bar, in case you may need some rest or fresh air.


A hint: you can skip the queue if you buy the ticket in advance, so you won’t have to wait a lot.


After all, there are so many things to see in Florence and no time to loose!

Piazza della Signoria


This vibrant square has been Florence’s political centre during the XIV century.


The only square shaped like an “L”, it also hosts an outdoor sculpture museum, Loggia dei Lanzi, with the unforgettable Perseus statue with a Medusa head.


The main attraction in the square is Palazzo Vecchio, where it is possible to admire a copy of the famous Michelangelo’s David sculpture, and the ones of Hercules and Caco di Bandinelli, both placed at the two entrance sides.


The palace still hosts many government institutions and has a 94 meters tall tower.


Inside, there are the rooms and the courts, including the gorgeous Salone dei Cinquecento (the five hundreds’ saloon), with interesting ceilings and beautiful sculptures and frescos.


In time, this building has changed its name many times: the People’s Palace, the Priors’ Palace, Ducal Palace.


The current one, (« the old Palace »), was chosen after the de’ Medici family, one of the most powerful of the city, moved in their new premises, Palazzo Pitti, next to the Arno river.


While you enjoy its beauty, you may think that you are admiring the best part of Florence.


However, your adventure has just started!

Piazza del Duomo


This square is the most visited in Florence, thanks to its famous monuments.


Take the time to admire the details of Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral and, if possible, take the 414 stairs of the Giotto bell tower, to reach a breath-taking view on the Cathedral’s dome.


Another place to be is the Baptistery, known for its splendid golden mosaics on the ceiling and for its three series of bronze doors with sculptural reliefs.


Here many celebrities received their baptism, including Dante.

Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral, Florence’s Dome


An engineering and architecture’s wonder is the huge bricks’ dome of Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral.


The iconic reference point of the city, which also defines its skyline.


Obviously, even the outside is impressive, with its complex details designed by Arnolfo di Cambio.


The church’s construction started in 1296 and it took almost 150 years to finish it.


You will be speechless in front of all its majesty, and you will probably ask yourself how it is possible to build all of it without any modern technology.


On the contrary, the inside is simple and the focus is on the dome built by Filippo Brunelleschi.


If you complete the 463 steps’ stair, you will be able to look inside the dome itself.


It is not an easy path, but the view of the Doomsday’s frescos will be worth the effort.


Moreover, you will admire a gorgeous panorama of Florence from the roof!

New market’s Lodge


To visit a local market is one of the most surprising and fun activity to do while travelling.


So, while planning your visit to Florence, do not forget to add the New Market to your list.


This market is also called Loggia del Porcellino, “the piggy’s lodge”, because here is located a copy of a bronze boar realised in the XVI century by Pietro Tacca.


Why is this statue so important?


A tradition says that, after rubbing the boar’s nose and letting a coin fall down, if it goes in the fountain, every wish will become true.


The original statue is in Pitti Palace.


Apart from this superstition, here you can buy all kind of goods and especially leather accessories.


This is the city’s new market, while the old one was located where, today, is Piazza Della Repubblica.

Ponte Vecchio


When you think about what to visit in Florence, the first place that comes in your mind is the Dome, followed right away by Ponte Vecchio, the “old bridge”.


It was built in 1345, in the tightest point of Arno river.


Along the bridge, you will have the possibility to visit numerous shops, probably here since the bridge was built.


The reason why there are so many, all together in the same spot, is very easy: if shops were located on the river, “nobody’s land”, the owners did not have to pay taxes to the city and the government.


Today, having a walk, you will find jewels’ shops, art shops and souvenirs sellers.


This bridge is one of the most photographed, and picturesque, places in Europe.

Palazzo Pitti


Once the de’ Medici family’s residence, today this palace is a relevant museum in Florence.


Not only impressive for its dimension, but also for the quite important series of works exhibited in the various galleries and halls.


You will have the chance to admire some extraordinary Renaissance pieces in the Palatina gallery.


The Pitti palace hosts also a silver museum, a modern art gallery and a carriages museum.


It is also possible to explore the big Boboli gardens in the property, with luxurious green areas, sculptures, fountains, ponds and a lot more.

Basilica di Santa Croce


This basilica is one of the monuments that should be included in every touristic list of things to visit in Florence.


It is also called “the Italian glories’ temple”, because it hosts the tombs of some celebrities such as Michelangelo, Galileo, Niccolò Machiavelli and the composer Gioachino Rossini.


A special feature of the church and the chapels are the amazing frescos from Giotto and Gaddi.


Do not forget to visit the cloister and its relaxing, calm flare.

Santa Maria Novella Church


Among the religious items and places to visit in Florence, the church of Santa Maria Novella is to be included.


Coloured glazed windows, Corinthian columns and frescos are its main characteristics.


Inside, beautiful masterpieces are kept, namely the Santissima Trinità (holy trinity) from Masaccio and Filippino Lippi’s frescos.


The pulpit has been realised by Filippo Brunelleschi himself!


This church is just right Santa Maria Novella’s station.

Piazzale Michelangelo and San Miniato al Monte Church


No doubt, the views from the cathedral’s dome and bell tower are spectacular, but Piazzale Michelangelo is another square with a beautiful and romantic overview on the city.


In addition, this time, without even having to climb many stairs!


The square looks out the main attractions in Florence during the day, but reaches its peak of beauty and romanticisms at sunset.


It is an incredible show to see the sun going down on the Tuscany hills, the red city roofs and the big Dome.


From here, you can also visit the beautiful church of San Miniato al Monte, located nearby.


This XI century church, with its pretty interior and exterior spaces, has also a monastery next to it.

Galleria dell’Accademia


One of the best things to do in Florence is to pay a visit to the Academy Gallery, to admire the original David’s statue.


This sculpture is a must-see, and one of the masterpieces from Michelangelo.


Try to walk along its perimeter, admiring the light hitting the sculpture from different angles and observing the details.


Nevertheless, that’s not all!


This gallery hosts also other works from Michelangelo and paintings from different artists.


Moreover, it has an excellent collection of music instruments, such as violins and harpsicords.

Central Market


Another thing to do in Florence, except for visiting? To eat!


You can try delicious typical meal in many city restaurant, but if you want to experience more food in just one place, then go to the Central Market.


Enjoy the food and purchase the variety of vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, spices at the ground floor or go at the second floor to eat cooked dishes.


Usually it is a bit crowded, but the seats on the second floor are numerous and it is open until midnight.

Try Tuscany food


In addition to the Central Market, there are many places in Florence to try the local food.


Italy is one of the top destinations in the world when it comes to eat.


You will have the possibility to try many different dishes: among the most famous ones of the region, there are the Florence steak (bistecca alla fiorentina), the schiacciata (a typical Florentine sweet flatbread), the cantucci (cookies with almonds), la panzanella (a dish with bread, tomatoes, onions and cucumbers), the boar pappardelle (homemade pasta) and the lampredotto (a meat-based dish)!

No time? Book a Florence tour!

All the touristic interesting spots in Florence are reachable in a short distance by foot, and if you are interested in the architectural beauties, you are lucky, as you will be able to admire them freely from the outside and from Piazzale Michelangelo’s view.


If you would like to visit museums and galleries, or to climb to enjoy the view from the Dome or the Bell Tower, you will have to pay a fee.


Book a city tour with us to be able to easily access these famous attractions.