Uncommon Rome: 5 atypical things to do in the “eternal city”

Rome never stops surprising and always has something new and beautiful to discover. Let’s find out together the characteristic places and unique things which cannot be missed in town!

Uncommon Rome: 5 atypical things to do in the “eternal city”

Both whether it is your first time in this gorgeous city or you’ve been here already, for sure Rome will charm you with its treasures.


Every corner speaks about centuries of culture, histories and traditions, leaving speechless all its visitors.


Not just monuments: discovering an unusual Rome


Usually, the common tour is the one including all the most famous monuments and places in town: the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, the famous Piazza di Spagna, the Circus Maximus stadium.


Indeed, those are musts to be seen once in life, but Rome is more than this, a city full of unique spots to be discovered.


In this article I want to tell you about an unusual sights in Rome,
which can be lived and loved.


Unusual Rome: bicycle tour


Have you ever thought of exploring the city from a different point of view, perhaps biking?


You can take the chance booking a guided bicycle tour, to sightsee the city in a different way.


1. Bicycle tour: city centre


This tour will give you the opportunity to visit the centre of Rome by bycicle.


The tour duration is of approximately 3 hours, and the path is 11 kilometres long, with a difference in height of 80 meters. The difficulty level is low, and it will allow you to enjoy the most famous monuments.


The itinerary includes:


  • Oppian Hill and Domus Aurea (“The Golden House”), with an unusual view of the Colosseum;
  • Imperial Fora;
  • Trajan's Column**;
  • Piazza Venezia**;
  • Trevi Fountain**;
  • Piazza di Spagna**;
  • Portico of Octavia**;
  • Piazza Navona;
  • Campo dé Fiori and Piazza Farnese;
  • Trastevere and the Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere*;
  • Circus Maximus and a view on Palatine Hill*;
  • Aventine Hill and the Orange Garden (the most romantic view of Rome)*;
  • Theatre of Marcellus;
  • Campidoglio (“The Capitol”) with a view on the Roman Forum

The departure times depend on the seasons, usually 09:45 am and 02:00 pm.

* Not included on the morning tour
** Not included on the evening tour


2. Bicycle Tour: Old Appian Way (Appia Antica)


Another tour I advise you, to enjoy the beauties of Rome, is certainly the Old Appian Way Tour, crossing the Appian Way Park.


The itinerary includes the Parco degli Acquedotti (Park of the Aqueducts), Caffarella Park, the Tomb of Caecilia Metella, the Catacombs of San Sebastiano, Aurelian Walls, Villa Quintilii Ninpheum, Circus of Maxentius and many other spots.


A guided tour following the footsteps of beauty, travelling the Old Appian Way in the south part of the city.


You can visit the two beautiful parks in which you will be able to enjoy the flare of the ancient Rome, admiring villas and catacombs.


The green area of Parco degli Acquedotti extends on 15 hectares and, originally, it connected Rome’s gates with the Alban Hills.


This was the location of 6 on 11 water mains providing water to the ancient city, and today it is still hosting impressive remains.


Here, you will also find the water main named “Acquedotto Felice”, built during the Renaissance by the Papacy and still used to irrigate.


The departure times depend on the seasons and they are divided in two different versions of the same itinerary:


  1. Plus Version: departure at 10.30 am, duration 6 hours, 30km, including a visit to the S. Callisto or S. Sebastiano Catacombs. Cheese and wine tasting in a picturesque farm in the Caffarella Park.
  2. Short Version: departure at 9.15 am, duration: 4 hours and about 30 km, intermediate difficulty.


3. Unusual Rome: discovering the city’s surroundings


As you can imagine, even the surroundings of the city are a must-see, with plenty of interesting sites to explore.


So, in case you have a few more days to spend in this area, I strongly suggest you to visit the Garden of Ninfa, the town of Sermoneta, the Crypt in the Anagni Cathedral, the Monastery of Saint Benedict in Subiaco, the Sutri Anfitheatrum and the Temple of Hercules in Cori.


You could also plan to visit these wonders with some convenient private transfers which can be booked through our agency, “Italian Holiday Experience”. Take a look at our proposal, here


And next to the unusual Rome to see, there is also a delicious one to taste.


Unusual Rome to taste: where to eat and what


Rome has also a very strong food culture and tradition, and as you may know, it is quite easy to find typical restaurants, the so-called trattorie, to enjoy an excellent carbonara (a pasta dish made with egg, pecorino cheese, guanciale (pork cheek), and pepper), amatriciana (pasta dish with sauce based on cured pork cheek, pecorino cheese, tomato, white wine, black pepper and chili pepper) or the delicious artichokes Roman style (with mint).


But, in case you would like to try something different, here it is a list of peculiar places I suggest you.


4. Happy hour in Ponte Milvio (The Milvian Bridge)


The area of Ponte Milvio it is similar to Trastevere, but on a smaller scale, full of bars and set of the roman nightlife.


This neighbourhood, previously quite a neglected area of the city, has developed considerably in the last 10 years.


Today this is a trend location, full of restaurants, bars for happy hour and also ice-cream shops from the well-known chain “Steccolecco”.


Obviously, this reversal has happened also thanks to the famous novel by Federico Moccia, “Three Meters Above Heaven”, which started the trend of the “love padlocks” (that you can see hanging along the entire bridge) as a promise between lovers.


Two unusual places for happy hours are:


  1. Nazzareno Bakery, open all day long and available also for lunch and dinner. Their happy hour is very interesting, offering a basket of small pizza slices and some “burrata” cheese, natural or truffle flavoured. The environment is very casual, and seats are available outside in all seasons.
  2. Mahalo - South Pacific Fine Food, an Hawaiian place serving traditional food from south-pacific cuisine.


You could enjoy a great food experience which is going to leave you great memories, in combination with the beauties of Rome and beyond.


5. Happy hour in Fregene


Fregene is one of the most famous seaside centres of the roman coast. Some archaeological finds have proved that, in ancient times, it was known for hosting an important fluvial harbour and a salt mine already used by Etruscans.


Here is located the Macchiagrande Oasis wildlife reserve, managed by WWF, and a pine grove, meeting point for pic-nic and bike-tour lovers.


In Fregene you could enjoy a happy hour on the beach, on the white towels of Singita Miracle Beach, while admiring a magical sunset and some lounge music.


The atmosphere is very romantic and evocative: it will be a memory you won’t forget easily.


6. Happy Hour in Ostia


Ostia is a district on the Roman coast, and a touristic area. Full of interesting spots, monuments, artistic and religious architecture, but also a summer location and landing site for private boats, thanks to its little harbour.


The dock is situated in the internal part, so you will find open restaurants all year, not only in summer.


The Soul Kitchen River Restaurant is one of these, defined as “a taste oasis in front of the sea”.


The relaxing and unique atmosphere is underlined by white tables and chairs on an lawn.


7. Fraschetta Ariccia


When we speak about Ariccia, the first thing coming to our mind is, for sure, the delicious traditional porchetta, (a savory, fatty, juicy, boneless pork roast), the culinary symbol of the city.


Its touristic value is due to the distinctive rides to visit the “fraschette”, born as taverns and became actual restaurants.


Ariccia is also very famous in the Roman Castles area for its historical relevance and the architecture masterpieces by Gian Lorenzo Bernini.




I hope I have intrigued you with my ideas on how to discover and live Rome and its surroundings in an more uncommon way.


Next step: book and enjoy the beauty of the eternal city!