How to visit Braies Lake, one of the must beautiful place on the earth

Braies Lake is located in the North area of the National Park Fanes-Senes-Braies. Add it to your itinerary!

How to visit Braies Lake, one of the must beautiful place on the earth

Braies Lake is located in the North area of the National Park Fanes-Senes-Braies, 1.500 meters above sea level, and it is the biggest natural lake of the Dolomites mountains, covering a surface of approximatively 31 hectares, 1,2 km length and 350 meters large.


It is famous for its beautiful views on the mountains and its crystal clear waters that, according to the light, can have different colour shades, from emerald green to turquoise blue to pure white in winter, when it is covered with ice and snow.


Known also with its German name, Pragser Wildsee, it is popular also for the unique panorama.


I suggest to reach the centre of the lake by boat and have a look around, to get caught by what surrounds you: Dolomites frame the spot and nature mirrors itself in the translucent water.


From half June to end of September, it is possible to rent one of the typical rowboats which were, once, the only way to reach the south side of the lake.


On the shores, you will notice a wonderful, old wood lodge, one of the world’s most photographed, thanks to the charming scenery it’s creating.

How to reach Braies Lake

To reach Braies lake is quite simple, although it could appear arduous:


1. With public transports: from the village of Villabassa, which is close – approx. 12 km – you will be able to take a train or a bus;

2. By plane: Bolzano, Verona or Venice airports are well served and not far from it. You could then rent a car and reach the Lake in a couple of hours;;

3. By car: take the SS 49 direction Brunico, then follow the directions towards Braies.


I advise you to arrive very early in the morning, around 9:00 am, to avoid crowds of tourists and be able to park in the soak area next to the Pragser Wildsee Hotel, located in a building from the XIX century.


In case you are an hiker, you could go for a pleasant walk of around one hour and a half through the forest, to reach the lake by foot from Ferrara, a city nearby.

What to do at Braies Lake


Braies Lake has activities for every type of tourists:


1. If you are an excursionist, there is a very nice path going up and around the entire lake;

2. If you are a climber, this is the ideal place: the starting point for the first trail to the Dolomites;

3. If you love boats, as said, you can rent one and enjoy the view.


You may see also someone swimming in the lake, and in case you are thinking to join, be aware that the maximum water temperature is only 14 degrees, getting colder the deeper you go!


In any case, even if you don’t feel like having an adventure, you could just sit on one of the benches surrounding the lake, and you won’t want to leave.


When admiring the beauty of this place, you can forget all your concerns and time will feel like it’s stopping. Tempting, isn’t it?


If you bring a packed lunch, there is a dedicated picnic area to settle and enjoy it calmly.

Fiction location: the places of the serie “One step from the sky” (Un passo dal cielo)

If you are wondering where you’ve already seen those breathtaking scenarios, and you are a fan of Italian television, the answer is: in the serie “One step from the sky”, with Terence Hill.


A fiction full of adventures, action, with a forest ranger as the main character.


Here you can find a promotional video showing the enchanting beauty of the Braies Lake and the so called “Three hills of Lavaredo”



The TV series has been realised with the aim of promoting this Dolomites pearl, the Braies Lake, and its surroundings.


The fiction has been funded by Business Location Südtirol (BLS), an Italian company based in Bolzano, created to encourage tourism in the area.


Sadly, being an Italian series, most probably it won’t be watched by foreigners, and that’s a real pity.


A great idea would be to translate it in German, English and other languages, in order to boost the reputation of this part of Italy at an international level.


This approach could be further extended to other lakes in Italy, to popularise them.


So, are you ready to book your trip to those fairy-tale locations in Italy?