About Us

Welcome and Experience Italy

Since when I was young I have always been in love with nature and animals, and this love has been second only to my love for travelling, which has accompanied me for all my life, making me explore new places outside Italy, my country.


I worked in London, in Ibiza and then I came back to Italy to manage our family village as a hotel in Tuscany.
My father was born in this village, in Tuscany nearby Lucca; that’s why I got enthusiastic about the diversity and uniqueness of this land full of art, historic cities, medieval villages, seasides, lakes, all in one region!


As I was liaising with international tour operators, I started to be active in the field, studied Master’s Degree in the Travel and Tourism Industry and ended up working with some of them.


Always looking for new experiences I landed in Australia, a land full of nature where I worked as a Tour Guide for 3 years. As I love travelling, speaking with people and sharing my passion for travelling, I started writing a Blog in 2014 called Elesadventure.


 I am also keen on sport, riding a bicycle, meeting people from all over the world; in fact in Australia they used to define me a “people person”. I have been practising yoga since 2011 with Odaka Yoga teachers who have spread their yoga style from Japan, China, India, through Australia, going back to Morocco, UK, and Italy.

 With them I organise Yoga retreats around the world.

My last experience working with another Tour Operator, has given me the passion to continue to organize people's trips.Your Trip! 

This time in a New Way! If you like to experience Italy as a local, you are in the right place! Welcome!

I know Italy from North to South, I might say I am a real expert. My aim is to give you my interpretation of the “Bel Paese” with the collaboration of local people, which will give you the opportunity to live in and love the place as if you were a local, with tailor made trips and experience trips.

So now what remains to be done is to Experience Italy!